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Rope, Lines, and Knots

Sample pages below are from the Ropes, Lines and Knots chapter. The chapter shows how to tie 50 different knots which include the Anchor bend, Blood knot, Bowline, Bowline on the bight, Buntline hitch, Butterfly knot, Carrick bend, Cleat hitch, Clinch knot, Clove hitch, Constrictor hitch, Crabber’s eye knot, Crabbin’s eye knot, Double clove hitch, Double sheet bend, Double uni knot, Dropper loop, Figure 8 knot, Fisherman’s eye, Fisherman’s knot, Granny knot, Half hitch, Heaving line knot, Highwayman’s hitch, Killick hitch, Knotted sheepshank, Lark’s head, double, Lark’s head or ring knot, Loop knot, Midshipman’s hitch, Mooring hitch, Overhand knot, Palomar, Perfection loop, Reef knot, Reef knot—slippery, Rolling hitch, Round turn and two half hitches, Sheepshank, Sheet bend, Slippery hitch, Square knot, Surgeon’s knot, Tautline hitch, Timber hitch, Timber hitch and a half hitch, Triple Crown, Trucker’s hitch, and the Uni knot.








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